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We believe, what separates us from the rest, is our attention to the smallest detail. A commitment isn’t just a statement, it’s the very ethos of what we are. Guided by this, our objective is to elevate customer satisfaction and augment our quality management system by:
We undertake comprehensive quality checks and audits, at the incoming, in-process and final stages of manufacturing and have modern testing laboratories and equipment for the same.
Our best-in-class five level quality inspection process ensures everything we create bears the hallmark of our trust and adheres to internationally recognised quality standards.
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Level one

Happens at the glass forming machines, immediately after the bottle is formed. The line operator along with the quality controller carryout a hot-end sampling for dimensional checks

Level two

Is a hot-end ware rejection, which is an automatic process, to ensure quality of the bottles after bottle swabbing.

Level three

The bottles are put into an annealing chamber, where they are gradually heated and cooled to de-stress. The bottles then pass through a series of automatic and camera based inspection machines, which check for body defects, neck finish, bubbles, foreign matter.

Level four

The bottles are shrink-wrapped by automatic machines, and a sample of these packed bottles is put through a Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Level five

The container which is used for transportation is fumigated and checked for cleanliness and hygiene criteria, prior to loading.

Quality certifications

It’s not just our own high standards, we constantly strive to meet global standards for quality set for glass packaging solutions by adhering to our internal benchmarks of excellence.
We prioritise sustainable development and uphold our social responsibilities, which is why we hold certification for the social accountability standard SA – 8000. We are also registered with US FDA and Canada health, DMF No -16216 with USFDA and 2010-069 with Canada Health.

15378 Certificate

BRC Certificate 2022 EI0134 2022

BRC Packaging Certificate E02718 2020 1

Ecovadis Scorecard 2021 1

Ecovadis Scorecard 2021 2

FSSC Certificate PGP Private limited



IMS Certificate - KSB -07.01.2022 1

IMS Certificate - KSB -07.01.2022 2

ISO 15378 Certificate PGP Glass

ISO 15378-06.04.2023

ISO 90012015 Certicate

ISO15378 Certificate PGP glass private limited

SA 8000-2014 Certificate 21.11.22