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Shaping an organisation that works for you

Working at PGP comes with industry-first perks, employee-friendly policies and a consistent dialogue with the management. Our policies are consistently under the microscope, and you have the autonomy to influence change by participating in our surveys.

Wellness support

Productivity increases tenfold when an employee feels safe, and trusts the organisation. Which is why we believe in safeguarding jobs and consistently engage in dialogues with all our employees.We have assisted employees on various occasions to ensure safety and wellbeing in times of crisis. For instance, we made transport, stay and food arrangements for all employees at the company premises during the pandemic to ensure their safety.

Special COVID leaves

Until fully recovered, all infected employees and their family members were eligible for special COVID leaves. With the aid of this procedure, we were able to maintain uninterrupted operations and support from employees.

Shopfloor health counselling sessions

Since the pandemic, our Factory Medical Officer along with paramedics nursing staff on a regular basis have approached all the shop floor employees to share the COVID-19 SOP, counsel and educate them related to health updates, routine health tips, prevention, symptoms, and precautionary measures from diseases.

Holistic Wellness Programme

At PGP, we strongly believe that our responsibility for the wellbeing of our employees goes beyond their working hours. Our wellness programme focuses on their financial, emotional and physical wellbeing, through community outreach, policies, company benefits and much more.

Financial wellness

A 1300-member co-operative society for company employees is established at Kosamba Plant which supports employees in providing benefits like savings, grocery, yearly gifts, financial assistance through loan, motivational talks, and dividend every year based on the profit.
We deduct a nominal fee of INR 1000 as contribution from the employee every month for this initiative, and offer loans of up to INR 1 lakh depending on their tenure. We have also registered a new co-operative society for our Jambusar Plant which will benefit an additional 1200 employees.

Emotional wellness

With the objective of assisting employees and their families’ mental health, the management extended support of the InnerHour App under ‘Happiness Programme’. It was offered to employees and families free of cost, that aimed at building positivity, resilience, and emotional balance. Free tele-consultation of up to 4 consultation services are also offered to employees, with recommendation on managing routine health issues through a qualified healthcare

In focus-our employees in their element!