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Our Culture

Two way communication

We believe in fostering an open environment where you can share your views, suggest ideas, and even offer feedback. We have various platforms that allow you to voice your views, and be rest assured that your views won’t just be heard, but also be taken into consideration.

Over the years, owing to our open door approach, we have seen an increasing participation on surveys from everyone at PGP for both internal and external matters.

Bottom-Up Listening

We have launched multiple programmes in order to record feedback of every member of PGP, no matter what their designation or department. The Voice of Internal Customer (VOC) forum is for discussion on workplace suggestions to improve the admin, safety & HR Services. Other platforms to promote bottom-up listening, like AwazPeti, Employee Relation Cell, Grievance Redressal, and more allow employees to be vocal and place their trust in the management to come up with timely resolutions. Chai pe Charcha is an informal programme that lets us gather feedback from Section Heads & HODs to improve certain HR services.

Top Down - Dialogue

Town Halls are a platform that we regularly use for our leaders to understand the employee pulse and engage in a dialogue with employees across the organisation. We share business performance, future priorities and address any concerns that the employees may have. Town Halls also give the employees direct access to senior leaders through interactive Q&A sessions. Apart from scheduled Town Halls, there are many informal forums where we all come together to get insights on the organisation’s direction and the way forward.

Our unshakeable values

Empowerment & Resilience

We operate in an environment of mutual trust providing our team‐members autonomy to perform with a sense of ownership.

We build an agile and sustainable business that anticipates, adapts and acts quickly.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We promote a culture that nurtures and explores disruptive solutions with an ownership mindset in an environment of tolerance to bonafide mistakes.

We continually explore new and creative ideas for overcoming challenges or performance improvement.

Care for People & Society

We deeply care for our people and treat them as an extended family.

We protect and enhance the interest of our stakeholders (customers, employees, society and shareholders) in the spirit of trusteeship.

We aspire to drive excellence in environmental, social and governance performance (ESG) along‐side operational excellence endeavouring to give back to society more than we take.

Humility & Integrity

We aspire to be the best and yet be modest without arrogance.

We are consistent in our thoughts, speech and action and strive to live our values in our conduct.

Creating a positive impact on our community

At PGP, we have always encouraged our employees to step up in the face of adversity, and help our community whenever possible. Through various health camps, awareness sessions and more, we’ve managed to positively impact numerous lives. We are also proud of our employees for stepping up and making a difference during natural calamities by providing necessary support to affected communities.

Equality and Inclusion

We strive to create an environment that isn’t just inclusive, but also embraces diversity as a part of its fabric. Beyond buzzwords and headlines, we, at PGP, devise policies that create equal opportunity for all, and welcome everyone on board. Our code of conduct explicitly calls out our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer.

Upskilling Opportunities

Set up in 2001, the one-of-its-kind Technical Training Center delivers technical training to the plant workforce. The training centre is periodically upgraded and offers both traditional and electronic learning modules. We are continuously upgrading the content, delivery methods, and assessments to assist our employees in consistently upskilling themselves.


We have multiple employee-friendly policies including the revamped and newly introduced policies based on the best industry practices. Every two years, we review our policies. We also launch periodic pulse surveys to capture the user experience and make the needed course corrections.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct lays down the marker on the responsibilities of each employee, irrespective of their department or designation. It is an integral part of being a member of the PGP family, and we expect each and everyone to conduct themselves according to the standards set by our leadership.

Transforming Lives

Life At PGP

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Deepak Naik


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Deepak Naik