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Our Vision

Enhance the value of the customer brands by providing specialty glass packaging produced in an increasingly sustainable environment

Path to Net Zero

Our roadmap to Net Zero by 2050 is the long‐term realisation of our efforts today

We believe that a prosperous tomorrow starts with an ambitious today. While the nation strives to be Net Zero by 2070, our roadmap for Net Zero by 2050 has three key stages – analyse, strategise and operationalise. We have chronicled the key steps for each stage, actionable initiatives and their eventual goals.



Building a framework inclusive of 
all our business stakeholders.

We recognise that creating long-term value increasingly necessitates us understanding the impact of our sustainability strategies on key stakeholders such as investors, employees, customers, regulators, communities and value chain partners, as well as the natural resources on which the company relies. We identify and assess all ESG concerns that are material to the business in the context of our vision, mission, and values, such as environmental degradation, product, and worker safety, waste creation, and so on — issues that could have a negative impact on the business or its stakeholders.


Our practices are centred around the three main pillars of sustainability


We understand and recognise that a lot of processes in glass manufacturing are energy intensive. At every stage of production, we have adopted practices that tackle our energy consumption, maximise waste management and help us move forward towards our sustainability goals.


When our people thrive, PGP thrives. Meaningful engagement with our employees and communities is extremely vital. Through various internal and external initiatives, we have, and will continue to build an ecosystem that breeds collaboration, collective prosperity and propels the society forward.


Transparency is at the heart of everything we do – the glass we produce, or the way we operate. Every key decision at organisational level is taken with the interest of all our stakeholders into consideration. Even though we have a robust system and processes in place, we have taken steps to be certified as per international standards in risk management, anti bribery management and sustainable procurement.


Mapping out the road ahead

Increasing renewable
energy consumption

Decreasing energy intensity through focused energy efficiency efforts

Zero Liquid

Planning for SA8000
for other units & offices

Comprehensive GHG accounting with all the relevant Scope 3 categories

Increasing female ratio and number of differently abled employees

GHG accounting assurance

ESG training for employees and suppliers

Conduct LCA and product carbon footprint certifications (ISO 14044 Environmental Management Life Cycle Assessment)

Set Science-Based Targets

Participate in ESG ratings

Align with the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure (TCFD)

ESG audits of suppliers


Recognition for our efforts keeps us motivated, grounded and even more focused on our long‐term goals

India’s Best Companies To Work Award for 2022

India’s Best Companies To Work Award for 2022

India’s Best Companies To Work Award for 2022

BRC Certificate 2022

FSSC Certificate PGP Glass Private Limited 2021

IMS Certificate 2021 New

ISO 15378 Certificate 2022

ISO 15378 06.04.2023

SA 8000 2014 Certificate 20.11.25

IMS Certificate - 1

IMS Certificate - 2

ISO 27001 - 1

ISO 27001 - 2

ISO 27001 - 3