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Functional Academies

Over the last year, we have made significant progress on our technology enabled business transformation journey. We continue to enhance our capabilities and expand our portfolio of technologies, thus accelerating our journey towards the business goals. Our Functional Academies help us in this journey to maximise the potential of our employees in their functional domain where they undergo the courses for their skill enhancement. The skills that an employee gets certified for gets added towards their self-development goals. The functional and business academies are focused at creating world class business specialists who are at the cutting edge of their profession.

Leadership Academy

It caters to the behavioural and managerial needs of employees and delivers world-class leadership development solutions. Key objectives of the Leadership Academy is to build expertise in identified skills to meet the needs of diverse learners, bring an outside-in perspective by engaging external thought leaders to infuse ideas and seed innovation and support improvement in identified skills through a robust assessment and certification process.

IT and D&A Academy

It includes curated modules with a focus on engineering a substantial shift in the functional skills-set of the Global IT and Digital & Analytics team. Through this academy, we transition from a transactional to transformational way of working.

HR Academy

We are determined to become a world-class HR function that is strategically aligned, conceptually strong, and solid in execution. In order to reach our ambitious goals, we have set up the HR Academy, which offers a unique opportunity to deepen expertise and broaden knowledge across the domain for HR professionals. The academy provides a role-based developmental journey, with a clear roadmap laid out for them to maximise their potential, and reach their career goals.

HR Academy

Unparalleled opportunities to upskill in hyper-focused subjects.
A clear roadmap for professional development.
Ample opportunities to consistently climb the ladder within your department.
Unconditional support from PGP on your journey to maximising your talent.