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Impact on Business:

Business impact generated

10 %

of manpower requirements for the expansion projects are fulfilled through trainees

20 %

of manpower requirements are fulfilled through internal career progression and job rotation


Six Sigma Green Belt certified and 10 Six Sigma Black Belt certified employees associated with us

70 %

product efficiency

Learning interventions made employees more responsible and deliver better outcomes
We have a culture of innovation that nurtures disruptive solutions, and an environment that is tolerant of mistakes
Innohub platform helps us meet top business objectives through a focus on energy conservation, environment, and efficiency improvement

Instruction-led Programs

These are customised, cohort-based sessions facilitated by subject matter experts supplemented by robust pre- and post-training interventions. We believe in the concept of “flipped classroom” i.e. a bulk of knowledge and concept related education happens outside of the classroom through pre-work, pre-reads and e-learning; the classroom becomes a hub for peer learning, experience sharing, practice and reflection.

Self-Driven Learning

The PGP Learning University is aimed at creating a world-class integrated learning ecosystem, customised learning journeys and a robust tech-enabled learning platform.

The e-learning courses are available 24X7 in English, Hindi and Singhalese languages that enable the learner to upgrade knowledge and skills at one’s own pace. The learner is presented with a wide range of learning offerings that end with a short assessment and e-certification.

Flagship Programs

We house a variety of rich learning content including online learning programs in partnership with prominent knowledge organisations like Coursera. Learners across the country can access this content and track their individual learning plans. The participants have flexibility to choose their courses within themes identified based on their interest and function. So far, the courses enrolled in Sustainability and Critical Thinking have led to ~1900 learning hours.

ASPIRE Program

High-potential employees are identified based on their track record to outperform and take up higher roles. The Academic Support Program In Reaching Excellence program hosted on Coursera is equivalent to a post graduate program offered in the fields of HR, Finance, Marketing, and more. An MBA-equivalent degree is awarded with a focus on leadership and managerial skills at the end of the course.

Upskilling Through Certifications

I: Internal Certification

The e-learning platform hosted on Coursera under our D&A Academy powered offers internal programs throughout the year. On successful completion of online learning, the learner gets certified by the PGP Glass
D&A Academy and the knowledge partner.

II: External Certification

The Academy ties up with external partners for various certificate programs like Six Sigma Green Belt and Data Science Skills. These programs are offered through voluntary nominations without any restriction on age, religion, location or tenure.

Action Learning Projects

Use cases are stretch projects with clear impact on the business. Through focused learning interventions, the learner takes up projects and applies concepts to address a real business challenge. At the end of the project, they present their learnings to a panel. On satisfactory completion of the project and assessments, completion certificates are issued with a graduation ceremony.

Fostering a Healthier Lifestyle

We understand the need for prioritising mental health in today’s fast-paced world, and have taken proactive steps to ensure the well-being of our employees and society at large. Through a series of webinars and engagement initiatives under our wellness program, HAPPINESS Program, we aim to empower our employees to think, feel, and act in ways that create a positive impact on their emotional mental well-being

Peer Learning Connects

We have created forums where learners can come together and share their experience. They can also share their learnings gained from various webinars/conferences. It’s an excellent platform for our employees to not just learn, but also have the ability to use their learnings to help out a peer when need be.

Business impact generated

We believe in upskilling our workforce instead of hiring new talent, giving you the chance to chart your own growth.

Kaizen competitions are a unique platform for us to showcase our innovative approaches to further cut down costs and optimise resources.

The e-learnings and manager feedback has proven to improve quality of products and moulds, and reduce defect rate and down time.

The glass-making process needs precision and most of our supervisors are promoted internally due to the multi-skilling interventions.